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Who We Are

Juli’s Kids Motivated to Succeed, Inc. (affectionately referred to as Juli’s Kids) is celebrating almost two decades of service to more than 28,000 children who have come to us for care over the years. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to motivate, inspire, strengthen, empower and enrich the lives of today’s abused, abandoned, neglected, bullied and homeless children and teens who have been placed in the foster care system. Many have been rescued from abusive and neglectful homes and placed in emergency child protective services, group homes or with compassionate foster care parents. Most are waiting to be adopted into loving and caring families. Children in foster care can range in age from infancy to 21. These phenomenal youths are considered wards of the state but at Juli’s Kids they are considered “our sons” and “our daughters.” We’ve watched them grow; celebrated birthdays and holidays. Happy days and sad days — we’ve been with them through it all. That’s why we’re more than just a charity. We’re a part of the community. And our kids are more than just statistics; they’re part of our family; a very loving family of professionals, counselors, therapists, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, actors, music artists, volunteers and social workers.

The Miseries

Many of America’s child welfare systems are badly broken — and children can suffer serious harm as a result. Some will be separated from their siblings. Others will be bounced from one foster care placement to another, never knowing when their lives will be uprooted next. instead of being safely reunified with their families — or moved quickly into adoptive homes — many will languish for years in foster homes or institutions. 

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The Facts

On any given day, there are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2015, over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. On average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and six percent of children in foster care have languished there for five or more years. (Because time is needed to compile, analyze, and publish data, statistical publications often are released 2 or more years after the time period being analyzed; thus, the reason for the 2015 date and not 2017)

Children Are in Foster Care in the United States on any given day.

Children Spent Time in U.S. Foster Care In 2015.


of Children in Foster Care Have Languished There For 5+ years

The Challenge

The majority of our children have faced some of life’s toughest challenges at an early age; some unfortunately suffered from repeated abuse and neglect on a daily basis. Any physical or psychological injury to a child presents a serious and substantial threat to his/her life, safety, health and development. When these cases are brought to our attention, Juli’s Kids works with law enforcement, child and family agencies, and local social services to a remove the youth from danger and provide a protective haven and family environment. It is our unwavering mission and absolute purpose to provide every child with a safe, secure, and affectionate home. 

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Our Mission

Since our inception in 1999, Juli’s Kids has been 100% dedicated to caring for children who have been exposed to torment, physical, verbal, emotional, or mental trauma. Our ardent effort and devotion have brought hope for a brighter tomorrow for kids unsure where their next meal was coming from. Juli’s Kids has given confused youths peace of mind and a sense of stability. As we help lessen the fear of uncertainty amongst infants, adolescents, teens and young adults, we take pride in knowing that we are making a difference in a child’s life. All young dreamers deserve a committed, nurturing family, and other enduring connections to grow and develop to their full potential. It is our philanthropic responsibility to introduce and join the many children in need of love with “forever families” willing to open their hearts. We passionately assist with the child placement process, and help youths feel love, affection, support and encouragement, as well as provide them with education, motivation and inspiration. 

Our Founder

Juli’s Kids is the ingenuity of Juli Jordan, Lawyer, President, and CEO of Jam Sports Productions, LLC. Originally founded in Los Angeles, California, Junior Achievers Motivated to Succeed (the charity’s original name) began with the vision of one woman longing to motivate, inspire, encourage, connect with, and assure youths in foster care that they can be hugely successful despite their unfortunate circumstances. Over the years, the youths of our organization became known as “Juli’s Kids.” From there, the name of the charity changed to Juli’s Kids Motivated to Succeed, but the mission has always stayed the same. 

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At the delicate age of three, Jordan was put up for adoption – a terminology that legally means she was placed in the custody of social services’ foster care system. Based on the voluntary relinquishment, a Virginia court subsequently terminated the parental rights of both of her biological parents. She was adopted into a loving family where she was able to thrive. Through her strength to redirect her pain, and with an undeniable determination to succeed, Jordan became a lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. But not every child is as fortunate. As a former product of foster care, Jordan knew the feeling of low self-esteem, no self-worth, suicidal thoughts, emotional insecurities, and the sense of abandonment that permeates the hearts and minds of so many foster care children. The disconnect from one’s biological family, the lack of genealogical history or the painful reality of being abused by the very hands entrusted to hold yours, can be very emotionally devastating. Simple things like knowing your family medical history, who you look like, or even the question almost all kids in foster care ask, “why my parents not wanted me?’ or “why my parent(s) hurt me?”—can all be heartbreaking, wounding and depressing.

While working with young boys and girls in the economically-disadvantaged Crenshaw area of California, and after much soul-searching, prayer, and meditation, Jordan discovered her true purpose. She had not been a child raised in the inner-city, nor growing up had she been considered an “at-risk” youth so for her, to say to the youth in Crenshaw, “I know what you mean” felt disingenuous. However, what she could connectively identify with is the pain, sadness, self-esteem, and abandonment issues that come from being placed for adoption, especially with the consent of both the biological mother and father. Concerned and empathetic towards youths who have shared in similar hurtful experiences, Jordan decided to focus her attention and dedicate her life to becoming a protector and champion for the rights and life-enhancements of youth in foster care and an inspiration to adopted children and teens. 

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At Juli’s Kids we are determined to continue to do our part to raise awareness of the child abuse and neglect epidemic; financially support and enhance the day-to-day living of these extraordinary children in crisis who are facing many tough issues and life struggles; and assist in the building of self-esteem, confidence, courage and perseverance that all children need when these character traits are often damaged and need reinforcements. Because of the pain children suffer from the disruption of families, we are steadfast in our mission to enhance the United States foster care outreach and adoption programs to the benefit of the communities by connecting corporations, athletes, celebrities, philanthropists, and good-hearted everyday people who are like-minded in their desire to make a difference in the betterment of the life of a child.     To aid in bringing about change, Juli’s Kids has donated more than half-a-million dollars to worthy charities all across America with philanthropic missions and goals that align with ours. Juli’s Kids assists financially and raise awareness of the child epidemic and enhance the day-to-day living of these phenomenal youth in crisis who are facing many tough issues and life struggles. The charity has provided over 1.2 million hours of volunteerism, and hands-on services to foster care programs, Department of Child and Family Services, neighborhoods, and communities around the nation. While the number of children we serve continues to grow, the support from state resources continues to decline. Therefore, we hope everyone who visits and learns more about our organization will assist us with our mission and make a gift of support. There are many young souls who would deeply benefit from your help and with your assistance, Juli’s Kids can continue to live up to its creed of, “Fostering Hope. Fostering Care. Inspiring infinite possibilities.”  The result of your help and our services means that our foster care infants, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and young adults will be able to benefit from our work to create, build and grow valuable programs, initiatives, services, education, arts, sports, technological and science programs that we will benefit youth in the various residences they have been placed in by social services.   

Together, we can establish a caring presence in the community and change the lives of our future’s most vulnerable kids…. our kids. Juli’s Kids.

Let’s make a difference, together.